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The role of monetary policies in increasing economic activity In Libya during the period (1995-2019)

Alhoussin A. abdalla
The study aims to prove the existence of a relationship between monetary policies and the components of the gross domestic product, which in turn is reflected in economic activity in Libya and the extent of the success of monetary policies and their tools in influencing and increasing economic activity. The study focused on the null hypothesis, which is the absence of a relationship between the gross domestic product and the volume of money and the hypothesis. The alternative is that there is a relationship between the two parties. The researcher used deductive and inductive analysis and divided the study into five main axes. Through this, the most important results were reached, which is that there is an impact on the relationship between the money supply and the gross domestic product..

Date Published : 2024-03-25
Date Received : 2024-01-09

Detection of mutations in the OPRM1 gene among smokers in the city of Misurata

Ehsan M. Idris
Asma A. Abudabous
Mustafa M. Drah
Khadega O. alsdaei
Smoking is a bad habit that has harmful effects on health, and one of its most important components responsible for addiction is nicotine, which is dangerous to health in general and to genetic material in particular, as it causes genetic changes and leads to diseases that can be inherited across generations. Among these changes is the occurrence of a genetic mutation in the OPRM1 gene. This gene gives instructions for making a protein called opioid receptors, “which is considered the internal body system that causes addiction.” Materials and methods: 22 samples were collected, and all the cases were male, ages ranging from 15 to 40 years. Most of them had smoked early age. The DNA genetic material was extracted from the samples using the QIGEN Kit, and the concentration of the extracted genetic material was measured and transferred onto a gel, then a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed after designing the appropriate primer to replicat.

Date Published : 2024-05-09
Date Received : 2024-03-16

The effect of fertilization with olive leaf residues on the growth of pepper plants Capsicum annuum L.

Elham H. Al-Zaridi
Aida A. Al-Wadi
Mounira A. Al-Wadi
This research was carried out for the purpose of studying the effect of fertilization with different concentrations (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 g/kg soil weight) of olive leaf waste on the growth of pepper plants. Capsicum annuum L. cultivar PEPERNE. Growth parameters which were used as an indicator of the response of pepper plants to fertilization treatment which are: the number of leaves, total plant length, relative dry weight, leaf area, and total chlorophyll content, The content of olive leaf residues of some mineral elements, which are: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and iron (Fe). was also estimated. The results showed that fertilization with olive leaf residues had a positive effect on most of the growth parameters used. It turned out that olive leaf residues contains some mineral elements that are nutritious for the plant, which contributed to improving the growth of pepper plants. .

Date Published : 2024-05-12
Date Received : 2024-04-03

Impact of Targeted Cost Application on Supporting the Competitiveness of Industrial Companies Operating in Misrata

Ismail M. Elnihewi
Najah A. AboAzoum
This study aimed to identify the impact of applying the target cost in supporting the competitiveness of industrial companies operating in the city of Misrata, where the dimensions of competitiveness were studied (cost reduction, quality, flexibility) and the study community consisted of administrators and financiers working in industrial companies operating in the city of Misrata, as for the study sample consisted of administrators and financiers working in these companies, the sample size may be from (158) respondents from various industrial companies, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers prepared a questionnaire that included (30) phrases, and was analyzed using the statistical package program (SPSS), and that there is a positive effect between the application of the target cost and cost reduction to support competitiveness, as cost reduction is the main goal of companies that exist in a highly competitive environment, and that there is a positive effect betwe.

Date Published : 2024-05-20
Date Received : 2024-03-17

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