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Repetition in the Texts of Zakaria Tamer: A Linguistic, Semantic, and Stylistic Analysis

Salmeen M. Alabani
This study examines the phenomenon of repetition in the works of Zakaria Tamer, a renowned Syrian writer known for his mastery of short story writing and innovative techniques. The aim is to analyze the artistic and stylistic aspects of repetition, explore its expressive and semantic significance, and uncover the aesthetic value it adds to Tamer's stories. The researcher employs a stylistic approach, which is a prominent modern linguistic method that focuses on language as the foundation for analysis. It investigates the linguistic devices with semantic dimensions utilized by the author during the creative process, enhancing the expressive qualities of the discourse. The study reached results, the most important of which were: repetition in Zakaria Tamer's texts does not stem from limitations or an inability to find alternative modes of expression. Rather, it is a deliberate writing strategy employed to emphasize his message, persuade the reader, and evoke a poetic sensibility. Addit.

Date Published : 2024-03-05
Date Received : 2024-02-21

A Text Structure in DiscourseMahmoud Darweesh’s “Aberoun” (Crossers By) Poem as a Case Study Ghadeer Mahmoud Mishal

Ghadeer M. Mishal
Discourse analysis constitutes a basis on which this study is based. It is an approach that contributes to revealing the structural structure and pragmatic intent of the texts. It has become widespread in the modern critical field, whether in Arab or Western critical thought, as many critical thinkers relied on it in their critical treatment of texts. And statements of different kinds, whether literary, political, or informational. The researcher took Mahmoud Darwish's poem (passing by in passing words) as an applied model, in revealing the mechanisms of discourse analysis, and its impact on dealing with the poetic vocabulary, its structures and sounds, and the psychological dimensions of the discourse product. And to identify the intertwined relationships woven by the tools of discourse analysis between the parties to the verbal event in the process of speech production. The re.

Date Published : 2024-03-09
Date Received : 2024-02-20

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